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The Seed of the Tree of Tomorrow village of tomorrow
Welcome to The Tree of Tomorrow -- We explore ancient and emerging wisdom as the guiding essence to our collective transformation toward harmonious Earth Community. By gathering and disseminating grassroots solutions and best practices for natural and self-sufficient living, we work to concentrate the most relevant and practical knowledge into one user-friendly, refined pool of knowledge.

Come, meet and co-create in a space where working hands join thinking minds and healing hearts toward a human community of love and reason.

Village in the himalayas
Always remember the beginning of life.
Remember who you are
and where you came from.

Go out and gather knowledge and wisdom.
Learn about all that is around you
and in you.

Use this knowledge and wisdom for unity.
Elders for Strength and Leadership

Go forth and multiply.
Teach this knowledge and wisdom to all.

Live for the seventh generation.
Leave them all they need to survive.

Gives the breath of life
and shelter to all living things.
Take good care of all things around you.

~Lincoln Tritt (Gwich'in), 2008

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